Chef enjoys being in front of the camera. Like many chefs, his initial TV exposure consisted of periodic invitations from local TV stations Chicago to give demonstrations during news casts.  This eventually turned into a weekly demonstration for almost five years on the morning or noon news at WGN.  That lead to his own show called Let’s Dish that aired on the LiveWell network for almost five years.  During that time, he shot over 140 episodes. At the same time, Chef continued to do demonstrations and give interviews on television both in the USA and internationally.

In addition to live and recorded television, Chef has done extensive video work for a large number of clients. These videos have been largely focused on educating about cooking and product utilization. 

Clients include:

·         Idaho Potato Commission

·         Soyfoods Council

·         National Pork Board

·         Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board

·         Goodheart Wilcox Publisher

·         Answers Media

·         Kendall College

·         National Restaurant Association

·         American Lamb Board