Need a cooking demo? Someone to speak about the latest trends in culinary arts? A world-renowned chef to teach a private cooking class? Chef ChrisTOPHER Koetke DOES IT all, just maybe not all at once. contact us to reach Chef and let him know what you want and how you want it and he will do his best to serve it up EXACTLY AS ORDERED.


If Chef were not a chef, he would pursue a career in public speaking because he loves it so much — no matter how many people are in the audience. While it is fun for him, he is always cognizant that time is the ultimate commodity.  Those who are in the audience have given their time and he want to be sure to maximize their experience.  It is this basic principle that guides his presentations — never to waste people’s time and give them as much meaningful content as possible.

During the course of a year, Chef typically gives at least 20 presentations which are consistently rated very highly by audiences.  Here are some examples of speaking presentations over the last three years:

·         World Association of Culinary Societies international congresses in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Thessaloniki, Greece

·         World Umami Forum, New York, New York

·         Indian Federation of Chef Associations, Delhi, India

·         Congresso Gastronomico, Popayán, Colombia

·         World Food Summit in Copenhagen, Denmark

·         University of Alaska, Fairbanks

·         FED Conference

·         Emcee, Foodamentals Studio of the National Restaurant Association, Chicago, Illinois

·         American Culinary Federation National and Regional Conferences

·         National Culinary Deans and Directors Meeting, CAFÉ

·         Emcee, Lake Effects sessions, Chicago, IL

·         US consulate, Shanghai, China

·         Menu Directions Conference